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Airdrop FAQ

Q. Where can I see the airdrop campaign page?
  • You will be able to access the airdrop campaign page from the navbar after you complete 1 transaction on the Mainnet V1.
Q. How do I get access to the mainnet?
Q. I cannot see my real time points.
  • Kindly give it a couple of minutes. Sometimes there may be a latency in fetching on-chain data
Q. Where can I see the protocol metrics?
Q. When does my position get liquidated?
  • If current collateral + debt value ≤ 1.06 x debt actual.
  • The loan health indicator shows whether your loan is currently healthy or facing potential liquidation. It is represented by a color code - green indicates good health, while red indicates that its nearing liquidation. The picture below represents a healthy loan position.
Q. What are V1OG NFTs?
  • V1OG NFTs are the NFTs which provides additional rewards in campaigns and a lot more benefits. It will be issued to active community contributors, power users and ecosystem partners. It stands for "Version 1 Original Gangster".
Q. What is the minimum amount required for supply and borrow?
  • supply: $25 equivalent
  • borrow: $100 equivalent