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Glossary of Terms for Airdrop

  • Airdrop: A distribution of tokens to a large number of wallet addresses.
  • Snapshot: A specific point in time when the blockchain records the contents of wallet balances/liquidity provided in the protocol. These records includes all existing addresses and their associated data (transactions, balance, metadata, etc).
  • Eligibility Criteria: The conditions that must be met for a wallet address to qualify for an airdrop.
  • Epoch: It refers to a specific period of time that determines the schedule of certain events on the blockchain network,
  • Token Allocation: The number of tokens that each eligible wallet address will receive in the airdrop.
  • Whitelist: A list of wallet addresses that have been pre-approved to use the dApp.
  • Claim: The action of requesting and receiving the airdropped tokens into a wallet address.
  • Distribution: The process of delivering the airdropped tokens to eligible wallet addresses.
Last modified 2mo ago