Frontend Tech Stack

Technologies Used

Ui Framework and Styling

  • Chakra UI is a popular open-source UI component library for React applications. It provides a set of customizable and accessible components that can significantly speed up the frontend development process.

  • Custom styling using native css for some components.

State Management

Animation and Motion

  • Framer Motion

  • Utilized Framer Motion to elevate user experience by seamlessly integrating animations with button clicks, enhancing visual engagement during transactions.

Toast Notifications

  • Toasts enhance the user experience by providing concise updates on transaction outcomes, ensuring users are informed about successes and failures without disrupting their workflow. These unobtrusive notifications promote user satisfaction and informed decision-making.

Web3 Interactions

  • Leveraged Starknet React hooks to seamlessly interface with smart contracts, enabling both data retrieval and blockchain data recording through intuitive function calls. Streamlining interactions, it facilitated efficient data management on the blockchain.

Coding Standards

  • Consistent Naming

  • Modularization

  • Formatting

  • Linting

  • Version Control

  • We used TypeScript as our primary programming language for frontend development. TypeScript extends JavaScript by adding static types, enabling us to catch errors and enhance code quality during development.

Future Considerations

  • Optimized load times and performance management by streamlining library usage, effectively reducing the number of dependencies.

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