This is a guide on how to perform various actions when engaging in Hashstack’s mainnet alpha.

The mainnet alpha version is utilising Starknet's capabilities so users can lend and borrow using tokens such as wBTC,wETH, DAI, USDC and USDT.

When first landing on the site, users will see the available “primary” asset markets and general stats. From here, they can immediately start using the protocol by depositing, borrowing and swapping tokens.

Here are the functionalities in the current version of Hashstack’s mainnet app:

  1. Supply liquidity, withdraw supply, earn supply APR.

  2. Borrow assets, withdraw partial borrow, pay borrow APR, spend borrow across jediswap & myswap, self liquidate position, add collateral,repay debt.

  3. Liquidation.

Please note that our current focus is on desktop version development, so the mobile experience is not suggested for the time being. As we work on feedback, some components on the platform may be temporarily unavailable or paused during this phase.

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