FAQs on supply

Q. How does Hashstack calculate interest rates?

Hashstack uses asset utilization ratio to calculate the APRs for both liquidity providers and borrowers. To know more about our interest rate model, click here. The interest rates also rely on DIAL (Dynamic Interest algorithm). Learn more about DIAL in this article.

Q. What tokens can I supply?

You can supply wBTC/wETH/USDC/USDT/DAI in Hashstack's primary markets.

Q. Why am I not able to supply more than 100 USDT?

The version of mainnet is deployed on Cairo 0.10 and is heavily restrictive in its capabilities so as to avoid congesting the Starknet network, or pass-on adverse liquidity risks onto you.

Here are the supply and borrow limitations:

Q. What is MCP?

MCP stands for Minimum Commitment Period. It is the lock-in period for the liquidity providers who supply tokens to the platform. You cannot withdraw before the MCP ends.

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