What is Hashstack?
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Hashstack’s Open protocol is the DeFi's only autonomous lending solution enabling under-collateralized loans upto 1:3 collateral-to-loan ratio.
This means, on Open, you can borrow upto $300 by providing only $100 as a collateral. Of this, you can withdraw $70(i.e. upto 70% collateral), while utilising $230 as in-platform trading capital.
In comparison, defi lending as of today is over collateralised. On average a borrower provides a minimum of 42% excess collateral against the loan they intend to borrow. This creates a systemic design flaw, which is addressed through Open protocol.
Open improves upon the known inefficiencies in the present day decentralized financial lending space through under-collateralized loans, effective asset utilisation, & compartmentalization of deposits & loans by minimum commitment periods(mcp). MCP enhances systemic predictability of liquidity inflow, outflow.
Hashstack's open protocol is built on Binance smart chain.
Open protocol in its 6th week of testnet has achieved over USD 1.5Mn in total value locked.

What’s Unique

  • Open is the first meaningful step towards providing autonomous under-collateralised loans. No credit score, no anchorage required.
  • Stabler APY & APR, catalysed by compartmentalised deposits, loans & effective asset utilisation.
  • Open will bridge assets of other chains such as Ethereum as an expansion of its primary markets
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