What is Hashstack?

Hashstack provides a secure, permission-less undercollateralized lending solution inclusive to all. Users can borrow up to 3 times their collateral without a credit score.

What is under-collateralized lending?

Undercollateralized lending is when we deposit collateral lesser than the value of what we are borrowing. In simple terms, collateral < loan amount.

Why should I prefer Hashstack over other lending platforms?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Hashstack over the rest solutions currently operating. First and foremost is the ability to get over 600% more loan on your collateral.

Secondly, the fact that you can utilise the entirety of our financial services in a permissionless way without credit scores. So, you can access our platform instantly without the need of tokens in your wallet! You can use our platform with tokens to Swap, Trade and Stake tokens.

Third, we use Zero Knowledge Proofs that make a big difference around security, sustainability and user experience.

Which chains/networks does Hashstack support?

Hashstack supports only Starknet at the moment. More major L1's/L2's will be announced later on.

Which wallet do I require to access Hashstack?

Hashstack supports any wallet compatible with Starknet, like Braavos and ArgentX.

How does Hashstack get its price feeds?

Hashstack uses Pragma Network to get both price and computational feeds. The price feeds are used as a reference price for the users. Computational feeds, on the other hand, are used to calculate the volatility of the assets, which in turn drives the calculation of permissible CDR [Collateral to Debt Ratio].

Can I withdraw from the borrowed amount?

No, you cannot withdraw the borrowed amount.

How will I know that my loan is nearing liquidation?

Hashstack will send you an in-app notification when your collateral value drops below a certain threshold. You can add more collateral to your loan and prevent it from entering the distressed category.

What tokens can I deposit and borrow?

You can deposit and borrow wBTC/wETH/USDC/USDT/DAI in Hashstack's primary markets.

How does Hashstack calculate interest rates?

Hashstack uses the asset utilization ratio to calculate the APRs for both liquidity providers and borrowers. To know more about our interest rate model, click here.

Is Hashstack secure?

We have conducted ample Quality Assurance Tests and security audits to check for any source of critical bugs/exploits in our code. However, no platform is 100% secure. Additionally, we have opened our repositories for the Community Bug Bounty Program as an effort of adding security to code.

Is Hashstack audited?

Yes, Hashstack has been audited by Certik, one of the most reliable and trusted auditing platforms in the crypto space. We're currently getting our Cairo contracts audited by a reputed audit company in the Starknet ecosystem (details will be released soon).

Do I have to provide any KYC documents to access Hashstack?

No, you don't need to be KYC verified to access Hashstack. Supply and borrow is permissionless and requires only a Starknet address.

Is Hashstack's mainnet accessible to everyone?

Until Regenesis, our mainnet is invite-only. We will fully open it for everyone gradually after that. You can join our mainnet waitlist here.

How do I practically participate in Hashstack's community?

You can contribute via our Contribute-2-Earn Program, which is accessible through our zealy page. To start your journey, you only need a Starknet-compatible wallet and a Twitter account. We welcome people from every field - designers, content writers, devs, etc.

I need more information that is not listed here.

You can join our Discord community here. If it's a general question, you can ask in the #feedback channel, and if you require one-on-one assistance, you can raise a ticket in #help channel.


Have you launched a token?

We have not launched a token yet. Please follow our blog to stay updated.

What are the tokenomics?

There is no public tokenomics for our project yet.

Is there a Token Generation Event/ Initial coin offering / Initial DEX offering?

We don't have any TGE/ICO/IDO events, yet. Our official blog will be release details regarding that.

How do I get an airdrop?

We haven't announced any airdrop as of now. Please follow our blog for official updates.

Do testnet users receive rewards?

No, the testnet previews upcoming features and allows users to learn about the protocol without any mainnet gas fees. You can get XP points though, by completing various tasks on our zealy page.

Someone messaged me promising free tokens/ICO/NFTs/etc. Is it real?

No, that is fake. No one related to Hashstack will ever message anyone directly nor offer free tokens or investments. In such incidents, please inform the team immediately.


Whom can I contact about partnerships/integrations?

You can reach out to us on Discord. Feel free to raise a ticket in our server, and our mods will get back to you the soonest. You can also reach out through other platforms in our Linktree.

Can we offer our token in supply/borrow?

No. Only the permitted tokens (wBTC/wETH/USDC/USDT/DAI) in our primary markets are allowed.

Can you market our company/project if we pay you?

Hashstack does not accept payments or donations of any kind to promote events or activities.

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