Frequently asked questions

What Is Hashstack?

Hashstack has built a permissionless, zk-native money market protocol to enable under-collateralised loans upto 300% borrower’s capital.
Built on Starknet L2, Hashstack leverages the capability of zero-knowledge proofs to provide a cost & capital-efficient lending solution.

What assets/tokens can I borrow?

Hashstack’s primary market will revolve around WBTC, USDT, USDC, BNB, and HASH. As the protocol evolves, new assets will be added soon.

How does Hashstack calculate interest rates?

At Hashstack, we designed a dynamic interest rate algorithm that has two objectives
  1. 1.
    Stabilise supply & borrow apr for atleast 4-7 days.
  2. 2.
    Leverage effective asset utilisation to autonomously determined a balanced apr with marginal gap between supply & borrow apr.
You can read more about this novel approach in this technical deep dive:​

Are Hashstack's contracts audited?

Hashstack's evm contracts were audited by Certik[Report]. We are launching an invite-only starknet mainnet at a time, Starknet is going through a critical transition from Cairo 0.1 to Cairo 1.0(Regenesis). To avoid capital double-spend, we are taking help from the community through Community bug hunters for Cairo 0.1 mainnet; while the regenesis version will be audited by a renowned auditor.