Hashstack will be releasing V1.0 of the Open whitepaper soon. Below are the breaking changes from V0.2.7

Breaking changes in V1.0

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    • APR switched from fixed to algorithmically determined range-bound stable interest rates, in a trade-off towards a better reliable reactive interest rate mechanism.
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    • Changed the liquidation price condition to 𝐶𝑐.𝑣 + 𝐿𝑐.𝑣 > (1 + α) ×𝐿𝑎.𝑣 from 𝐿𝑐 = 𝐿𝑝 + α(𝐶𝑢𝑠𝑑). The updated liquidation price is determined entirely in loan denomination as opposed to the previous liquidation discount determined in the collateral market.
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    [Removed] Dividend mechanism
    • Removed secondary incentive layer of dividends.
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    ​Whitepaper V0.2.7​
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