Method 2: Bridge Test Eth from Goerli L1 on Goerli2 L2

Get test ETH from StarkNet’s faucet to pay for the transaction fees.
You can get Test ETH at Layer1 from any of the faucets - We recommend going with
Here are the steps if you’re going with -
  • Create an Alchemy account at​
  • Copy your public address from your Metamask wallet (not Braavos/ArgentX wallet) and paste it on input field
  • Click on “Send me ETH” button.
  • After you get some ETH, go to - it’s a bridge which Hashstack created to bridge your Test Eth from Ethereum’s Goerli 1 to Starknet’s Goerli 2 network.
  • Connect both of your wallets - Metamask and ArgentX/Braavos wallet to the website.
  • Click on “bridge” and wait for a few minutes, your test ETH should be bridged in 4-5 minutes at max.